The One You Feed Podcast and Re-Release: Tara Brach

A member of our mindfulness connection community recently recommended the podcast The One You Feed Podcast hosted by Eric Zimmer. Here is a podcast by meditation teacher Tara Brach who covers a wide variety of life practice and wellbeing topics including (to name a few):

  • The One You Feed parable
  • Being kind to the parts of ourselves that are more primitive
  • The difference between feelings and thoughts
  • Dropping the storyline
  • The question of “What am I unwilling to feel?”
  • How we have to go through the difficult emotions to get to peace
  • The importance of remembering the good
  • Not being addicted to suffering
  • The habit of looking for what’s wrong
  • What’s the moment like if there is no problem
  • How we tend to always anticipate a problem 
  • How we are almost always lost in thought
  • Practicing coming into our senses