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The Mindfulness Connection

We are a group of teachers and clinicians who are passionate about mindfulness meditation and who want to connect these special teachings to our community on a regular basis.

Our intention is to create a welcoming atmosphere where our teachings inspire, guide, and help you create more calm, health and joy in your life.

What is secular mindfulness meditation? A mindfulness practice that shares influences by ancient Buddhist traditions with the inclusion of modern psychological  theory and includes many of the traditional elements of mindfulness without the cultural or religious aspects. All cultures have various practices which encourage a state of mindfulness. Many research studies have shown the health benefits of mindfulness. We teach a secular mindfulness practice that is research based and is not about religion or philosophy: 

All faiths and religious backgrounds are welcome. Mindfulness practice can be a contemplative practice that can adapt, align and harmonize with your faith and beliefs. 

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention in the moment with intention. Mindfulness can positively affect our interpersonal relationships, health and wellbeing by decreasing stress and increasing a sense of connection to self and those around us.

It is a practice of being present on purpose. The more present we are, the more we are able to meet and embrace each moment just as it is. We then create an opening for our innate capacities for wisdom, compassion and kindness to develop.

Sliding Scale

We work on an honor system and sliding rate: Start=$10, Mid=$15, Full=$20

Pay what fits your financial picture.

Cash & Credit accepted.

Come and offer what you can offer. Come and feel good about coming. Do not let cost be a deterrent to attending

Ready to Practice Mindfulness

We look forward to meeting you and finding the right mindfulness practice and pace that works for you and your lifestyle. 

It is  supportive to the busy mind to sit together and focus on mindfulness practices and benefits in a group setting. 

Our intention is to bring mindfulness alive in daily life and work that brings meaning and benefit.